Alumni Board

This is KSSAA’s current board of directors:


Officers President David Angel (’55)
Vice-President Colleen (MacKenzie) Garbe (’74)
Secretary Kersti Krug (’61)
Treasurer Garth Wheeler (’59)
Directors Ranjit Bains (Principal)Norma Biln (PAC)John Braithwaite (’48)Amyn Khimji (’83)Ian (Bud) MacKenzie (’48)
Student Directors Helen Antoniak (Grade 12)Samantha Kerr (Grade 11)
Director Emeritus,
Past President
and Charter Member
Arthur J Bates (’48)

Note that KSSAA created a Student Director position for the school’s grade 12 student to bring energy and valuable perspectives to the alumni board members. Recently, we added a grade 11 student to get more training, then move into the grade 12 role next year.  Also, the current Principal of the school sits on the board.

All Kits students, grads, and staff are invited to join and participate in the alumni association, including joining committees and attending board meetings.

Treasurer/Director Wanted

Our present treasurer/director wishes to retire after serving KSSAA for several years.
We are looking for a volunteer, one who lives in the Vancouver area, and is familiar with the Simply Accounting software.
If you are interested please contact Garth Wheeler at