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Let’s all share news that are relevant to all Kitsies, especially when many of us may not have heard about what has occurred to friends, colleagues, school chums, and others who touched our life at Kits.

This section will grow with time, but a recent notices in the Vancouver Sun and Province are the obituaries of two amazing Kits graduates:

John Braithwaite

KSSAA Founder and Director

In the spring of 2012 Chris Atkinson, former Principal of Kitsilano Secondary School, introduced the establishment of an alumni association for the school to attract memberships and donations to support graduate scholarships.

At its launch, John Braithwaite became one of the founding members of KSSAA and remained active and enthusiastic as Director of the KSSAA Board of Directors until he died.  His wit, his knowledge, and his consideration for others, as well as his impeccable manners and devotion to KSSAA, will be remembered by all who knew him.

Joy Coghill, whose seven-decade run at the top of the Vancouver theatre world won her major Canadian honors.

Kitsilano Secondary School Alumni Association - Joy Coghill