Grad Scholarships

To date, more than $60,000 has been contributed to KSSAA’s Commemorative Cavalcade Scholarship Fund, which is overseen by the Vancouver Foundation to provide scholarships to Kits students.  Contributions have come from individual donors, grad reunions, students, and most recently from the now more than 200 members of KSSAA.

The scholarship criteria are:

Acceptable academic achievement, demonstrated service to school
and/or community, and pursuit of post-secondary education.

The monies are directed to the learning resource that the student has identified for his or her next stage of training, development, or higher education.

To share the impact of these scholarships, here’s the story of the first scholarship awarded in June 2009.  The recipient is a young woman who had a consistently high academic record, was a member of Student Council, and contributed to the school and community in many ways.  One example of her service was to organize a fund raiser to commemorate a Kitsilano student who was killed in a skiing accident.  In her letter of appreciation, she wrote:

“Thank you for helping make my dream come true.  Without your help, I may not have been able to study what I desire.”

Many other wonderfully enriching letters of appreciation have also been received.