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Please join the Kitsilano Secondary School Alumni Association.  Also, please seek the involvement of your own grad classes and renew friendships.  This will be a wonderful experience for all.

Those of us who have spent the last few years to get this far, can attest to the enjoyment.  And there’s more to come.

Join us by either filling in the membership application form here and paying by PayPal, or by mailing in the linked PDF file with your cheque (click here).

The minimum fee is $35.  For this and higher amounts, $10 will be retained for KSSAA operating costs, with the balance sent to the Vancouver Foundation to invest in the Cavalcade Funds.  All will receive tax receipts for the amount going into the scholarship fund.

With the added energy and imagination of new KSSAA members, we can contribute enormously to the education, experience, and future of Kits students.  We continue to seek more members to KSSAA, to both support the fund and find innovative ways to assist the school in preparing students for higher education, good careers, special projects and events, travel, mentoring, and other ways to enrich the KSS experience.



Your alumni association works actively on raising scholarship funds, fostering fellowships, and supporting Kitsilano Secondary School achievements, thereby strengthening relationships across generations and sectors in the Kitsilano community.

Our primary goal is to support students entering higher education or training, approaching their careers and future leadership roles, and engaging in businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations that need their fresh ideas, skills, and energies.    

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    Your one-time, lifetime membership, with all its benefits, is fully paid with a minimum $35.
    Regardless of the amount donated, only $10 is taken for operations, with the rest going to the
    Kitsilano Commemorative Cavalcade Scholarship Fund. For amounts $35 or over (less the $10 for
    operations), Canadian tax receipts are issued by the Vancouver Foundation usually within a month of
    being submitted to the Foundation. (For US donors, see below***)
    Please indicate the total of your contribution for your lifetime membership:

    For online payment please see the end of this page.

    Make your cheque payable to K.S.S.A.A., and mail it with the form to:
    c/o Kitsilano Secondary School
    2706 Trafalgar Street
    Vancouver, BC V6K 2J6
    Or visit the association's website, fill out and submit your form, and pay with PayPal.
    * KSSAA is registered under the BC Society Act. For KSSAA’s history, purpose, activities, and contacts, visit the
    ** All those who attended or worked at Kits, not only graduates, are eligible for KSSAA membership.
    *** For American donors, visit the Vancouver Foundation’s website at Vancouver Foundation.

    or download the form:

    KSSAA Membership form

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